engagement session in harefield 22 - Engagement session in Harefield

Engagement session in Harefield

The engagement session is the time where me and my couple get to know each other better, built trust and connect  to give them best wedding experience possible. Using fine art approach I  capture a meaningful story with emotions, personality and love which is unique for every couple.

Lara and Nicholas had chosen a fantastic location for their engagement session, the place where they often like to spend time together. We took a walk along the Grand Union canal, chased the light and found great quiet spaces with beautiful glowing sunlight. We finished our session in The Old Orchard, Harefield with amazing view on the lakes surrounded by Colne Valley Regional Park. But sometimes is not only about great location with beautiful views or famous buildings at the background. Sometimes is just about sweet moments between couple that is so incredibly compelling. Thank you Laura and Nick for spending the afternoon with me. It was great to get you know a bit more and spend lovely time wandering around and to document this time in your engagement!


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