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Romantic Tower Bridge London Engagement Shoot

I am thrilled to share this romantic Tower Bridge London Engagement Shoot with you. Tower Bridge is a perfect backdrop to create fantastic memories for a couple who love London.

This lovely couple, Eleanor and Sam got engaged at a French restaurant Le Pont de la Tour next to Tower Bridge but never had engagement shoot. With the wedding coming up they decided to practice a little in front of the camera so they will feel more relaxed and natural during the wedding day. They wanted to create beautiful professional photos not just a selfie!

Eleanor and Sam decide to move out to Essex where they bought house together and as a farewell to London this was a wonderful opportunity to commemorate their time in the city. For them, Tower Bride area of London was an ideal location for a sophisticated and chic yet relaxed photo shoot.

Tower Bridge area is an iconic landmark for an engagement photo shoot but also very busy.  So to get those incredibly romantic shots without people we decided for sunrise morning shoot

Here are my best tips for romantic Tower Bridge London Engagement shoot!


Best time to shoot?

London Bridge is fantastic location but very busy, especially weekends and holidays. Perfect time would be early morning during sunrise or late afternoon, around two hours leading up to sunset.  Then the streets are very quiet at that time and we can have place for ourselves!  It is also best time as the sun is low and gives that beautiful soft look.  


What to wear?

Bring something trendy, fun, comfortable and you. If you don’t feel comfortable in the clothes, you won’t look comfortable in them. Bring clothes you feel GREAT wearing, because if you feel great you will look GREAT. So be happy, be trendy, be dressy, but most important be YOU! If you you’d like to know what colours look best in photos just make sure they complement each other and you both look great together. And remember the more epic the clothes the more epic the photos!


What to avoid?

Big heavy bag might be great for shopping but leave it at home when you come for the shoot. I love to take spontaneous photographs so I would like you to easily mobile and be light on your feet. I want you to be relaxed and not worried about leaving your valuables on the floor. Those big chunky bags won’t look good in photos anyway!


What happens if it rains on the day of our shoot?

You can’t trust London weather! But usually when it rains, it stops in within a few minutes.  Sometimes it’s good to embrace the weather and go with the flow as wind and light rain do look amazing in the photos! But in case we get caught up in some heavy rain we can take a brake and have a cup of coffee.  I’m also happy to move the shoot to another day, depending on schedule.

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If you are planning wedding in London and you would like to see more pictures please take a look at my portfolio and if you like what you see get in touch. I would love to hear from you!

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