So, you are thinking about portrait photography session! I know how important it is to find right photographer. A portrait photographer who will focus of bringing out your personality and make you feel absolutely sensational. Who will show how amazing woman you are and provide beautiful authentic portrait photographs.  

Well, this is the right place. 

I want you to feel beautiful, more powerful, and more comfortable in your own skin. Let me bring out the beauty that’s already within you and show how amazing woman you are through photographs. This photo shoot it’s about embracing  your authentic beauty, building confidence and looking really awesome.



the most beautiful thing woman can wear is her confidence

How it works...

We begin with an in-person, email or phone consultation to get to know you and to talk about the type of portrait session you want and how to prepare. 

A portrait photography session takes about 2-4 hours. I will take a selection of genuine images with gentle coaching in poses that flatter you and make you feel beautiful and confident. 

Clothing and styling is very important in the session to give the right feel to your images. Please look through the galleries for inspiration and contact me for advice what works well. I suggest that you bring about three outfits for the session. For additional price you can add a hair and make-up session with professional artist.  

A photography session takes place in the studio, the comfort of your lovely home or on location. 

After a professional editing of the best images from your session I will invite you to a viewing session where we can sit together and go through your images.  We will discuss which are the best images for you to purchase. I’m happy to help with choosing images, as well as giving advice and suggestions how to make them look beautiful at  your home. 

Every woman deserves a portrait of herself.

Beautiful makeover & Photoshoot



hair & makeup

London’s professional make up and hair artists will create your perfect look.

professional photoshoot

A two-hour portrait session set in the studio, the comfort of your lovely home, or on location.  Gentle coaching in poses that flatter you and make you feel beautiful and confident.

private viewing session

A private photo reveal to see your beautiful portraits finished and ordering session approximately 2 weeks after your shoot.

Prints start from £240. My Folio Boxes and Custom Albums start at £450  and go up from there.  Some people spend £800 some people spend £2500. What you buy is entirely up to you.  If you don’t like your portraits you don’t have to buy them. My job is to take beautiful portraits of you that you absolutely LOVE and can’t live without.

How do you want to be photographed?

Imagine being a model for a day! Lets spend half a day in chosen location, complete with professional hair and makeup and multiple outfit changes, feeling beautiful and having your portrait taken. This session is all about YOU and someone you love, weather that’s child, your husband, a best friend or a parent.

Do you have a special dress hanging in your closet just waiting for a perfect occasion to wear it? A dream gown that you are looking for an excuse to buy? Or a bride that wants beautiful portraits of herself in her wedding gown? Schedule a Glam The Dress portrait photography session and look like you stepped off the pages of high-fashion magazine!


Only once you will be pregnant with this child. How do you want to remember your pregnancy? 

Take the time to embrace this moment before your new baby is in your arms, and celebrate all amazing changes your body has gone through. 

Your maternity session comes with a consultation where we discuss clothing and location, and figure out exactly how you want to be photographed. Then we collaborate together to make it happen. I recommend being photographed before 35 weeks and getting on the calendar sometime during second trimester to ensure availability.

When was the last time You were in portraits alone? One day your children will look for beautiful portraits of you - without them in it. What will they find?

headshots & personal branding

Do you have a portrait that represent you and your business? Create a powerful series of images that help define your brand, connect with your ideal client and grow your business.

Looking for a London's portrait photographer?

 I specialize in portrait photography for women in London. I am on mission to help women exist in portraits. I want to photograph any women in the world who’s ever looked at a picture of herself and not felt beautiful.

I want to photograph the woman that thinks she just not  photogenic, the woman who says she’ll get her picture taken when she’ll looses few pounds, the mother who looks through her family albums and sees she is missing because she avoids the camera. 

Love and celebrate who you are right now for the people who love you – for your family, for your friends, for your husband, for yourself.

I know how to make all women look and feel beautiful through portraits.

Please contact me to schedule consultation and let’s talk about how would you like to be photographed.

portrait photography